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Friday, May 30, 2008


Maria Butirskaya does not understand her son.

Translation of an article by Inna Karagezian printed in a Russian Language publication on April 28.08.

The family of the beautiful figure skater Maria Butirskaya and hockey player Vadim Khomitsky on April 16 celebrated the first birthday of their son, Vladislav. They invited friends to a restaurant to show off their “treasure” and later, when he was taken home, the parents continued their party.

All of the friends assured Maria that she has a very quiet son, but she herself does not have anyone to compare her firstborn with.

During the interview, Maria was often districted by watching her son who was running around the house.

Said Maria: - “Any woman changes after giving birth, and I am no exception. I always think about him. My head is only dedicated to my boy. If he has a fever, my heart sinks. He is a defenseless little creature who can not say anything and I have to guess if everything is all right. When he is capricious I lose my mind trying to understand what is bothering him. In this respect, I am a crazy mother.”

Maria is very lucky with her husband. He always helps her with their son and she trusts him with the boy. The father can feed and bathe their son while she is busy with other things.

Said Maria: - “It does not happen in our family that one is lying on the coach while the other is working. We do everything together – while my husband gives our son a bath, I am getting ready the towels and then we both take him to bed. These activities are bringing us closer together as a family. When he will be a year and a half we are going to take Vlad to the swimming pool.”

Maria hopes that her son will also grow up a sportsman since he has good genes for that, but she will not let him become a figure skater. She feels that figure skating is not a man’s sport. It is ideal for a girl. But it is too early to talk about that. He is too little and can not talk yet. He makes some sounds, but Maria can not understand him. She hopes that her next child will be a girl, but in general, Maria thinks that the ideal family should have 3 children.


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