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Friday, June 27, 2008


Plushchenko will not come back!

Translation of an article by Artem Stotsky printed in the Russian Language publication “Express Gazeta” on June 24, 2008.

Instead of getting ready for the Grand Prix, the skater will go on a commercial tour of Germany.

Many statements of the Olympic Champion Evgeny Pluschenko about returning to big sports have nothing to do with the real plans of the figure skater. Instead of his promised participation in the Russian National Team this fall, he will be going on a tour with his ice show – “The Golden Ice of Stradivarius.”

The International Skaters Union published a list of participants in the Grand Prix competitions for 2008. Plushchenko was not on that list. And it is not surprising at all, since most of Germany is covered with announcements and advertisements for his commercial show which starts at the same time as the Grand Prix. Instead of medals, Evgeny would rather earn money. It is understandable, since the prizes of the Grand Prix could not meet his requirements in money. His romance with producer Jana Rudkovsky requires a lot of money.

At the same time the skater is assuring his fans that he is getting ready for the 2010 Olympics at a skating base in Estonia. Experts are laughing at these statements.
While he was working his shows, new stars appeared in figure skating. He is practicing only to get in shape for the commercial tours. Otherwise he is risking to be left not only without medals, but without money as well.


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