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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Romance with figure skater just a hoax.

Translation of an excerpt from an article by Alena Fadeeva printed in the Russian language publication “Express Gazeta” on May 23, 2008.

Recently,many mass media outlets published articles about the break-up of a famous TV couple, Zhuigunov and Zavorotnuk, due to her infatuation with a figure skater. It appears now that the whole story was a PR hoax.

The love story of sudden feelings between Anastasia Zavorotnuk and five time National Champion of the USA Peter Chernishev was touching to the point of inspiring tears. They met at the ice show “Dancing with the Stars”. They fought their feelings. Anastasia with tears in her eyes confessed to her partner on the TV show. He decided not to stand in the way of the lovers and walked away. What a wonderful and touching story!

According to the mass media, the figure skater moved in with Anastasia and lived with her for 2 months. But it did not last long. Anastasia suddenly “learned” that her boyfriend was a womanizer. He also was a user - in two month he did not contribute anything to their household, but rather spent her money.

The story continued and soon, again all of a sudden, Anastasia “learned” that her boyfriend had two other girlfriends – one in St. Petersburg, the home town of Chernishev, and one in the USA, where he currently lives and works. She became very upset and threw him out.

As it became known to this publication, this entire story was a hoax - Mr. Chernishev has never been in love with Anastasia, and he never lived in her apartment. It was inconceivable that she would bring a “new father” to live with her and her two children from a previous marriage. Anastasia is a good mother and would never do that to her children. Also, we could only imagine what their father, her ex-husband, would say! He would definitely not allow that!

To add to the notion that it was all a PR move, we learned that Mr. Chernishov joined the ice show “Dancing with the Stars” last year. He was skating with a soloist of the group “Shining,” Ms. Julia Kovalchuk. He was introduced to the show by Mr. Ari Zakarian – the agent of Evgeny Pluschenko and Irina Slutskaya. It was said that the idea of a hoax about the love story between Mr. Chernishev and Anastasia Zavorotnuk was created by Mr. Zakarian. One would ask why? A similar story about a love connection between Mr. Chernishev and Ms. Kovalchuk was circulating among the mass media last year. It was done to bring more attention to the show!

This year, the 37 year old Chernishev will participate in two shows, one of which will be the show “Dances on Ice”. So, the more attention, the better for the shows!

As to the subject of his living with Ms. Zavorotnuk, it was all nonsense! He does not even know her address! Their friends were telling us that they saw each other about 6 month ago. When they asked Anastasia a direct question about her relations with Mr. Chernishew, she laughed and replied that she did not need him for anything. When asked the same thing, Peter was very evasive and said: “It is too early to talk about that subject. Maybe sometime later, but not now.” It all fits the pattern of a hoax – when there is nothing to talk about, it is better to make the story murkier and to bring in a lot of fog. The process started. The public bought the story and swallowed the bait. They just need to maintain the story. And Mr. Chernishev knows how to play the game.

In his stormy youth, he was quite a persistent man. Initially a beautiful figure skater Natalia Annenko caught his eye. She was skating with Genrikh Stretenski, who was in love with her and wanted to ask her to marry him. But he was beaten to it by Mr. Chernishev. Peter and Natalia were married for seven years and than divorced.

His next passion was the American skater Naomi Lang. The famous journalist Arthur Verner, who wrote about the figure skaters for many years, remembered that during international competitions Naomi and Peter stayed in the same room in hotels and behaved as a husband and wife.

He added: “I think that they may even formalize their relations. I am stationed in Germany at this time, but if I would run into Mr. Chernishev I would ask him when he broke up with Naomi. Regarding his affair with Ms. Zavorotnuk, I think that it is a hoax.”

(Ed. note: Naomi gave birth to her daughter with ice acrobat Vladimir Besedin on August 26, 2004. On December 1, 2006, Naomi accepted an on-ice marriage proposal from her boyfriend, skater Mark Fitzgerald. One has to assume that the answer to Mr. Verner's question of when Peter broke up with Naomi is, "quite a while ago, actually.")


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