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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Romance of two figure skaters - Yagudin and Totmjanina!

Translation of an article by Maria Remizova printed in a Russian language publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on June 12, 2008.

In his autobiography the famous figure skater disappointed his female admirers stating that he would not get married until he was forty years old.

But after he had a hot romance with the soloist of the group “Fabrica” - a charming blond named Sasha Savelieva, his fans concluded that Aleksey had decided to give up his bachelor’s status.

In his last interview with this newspaper he said: - “I feel so at ease with Sasha. I finally found my other half.” But in less than a month after that interview, the couple announced their break up.

Sasha confirmed that they'd broken up, but said that they were staying in good friendly relations. Yagudin did not disclose the reasons for the break up yet.

Gossip has it that they broke up because of a new love interest of Yagudin's. It is rumored that currently he is dating his colleague, the figure skater Tatiana Totmjanina.

A few years ago Tatiana was the girlfriend of his archrival – Evgeny Pluschenko. She was even called his wife on the road, although they were never formally married. After splitting they stayed friendly for a long time. But the friendship shattered when last year Tatiana, attracted by higher pay, left the show of Plushcenko and went to work for his competitor – Ilja Averbuch.

It was also said that Yagudin was attracted to Tatiana for a long time, but she did not notice him. Everything changed about 6 moths ago. Yagudin invited Tatiana as a spectator to the show “Ice period." And she came to meet him there.

Now it is being said in the sports community that they do not hide their relationship. At the end of May the lovers were openly kissing at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg.


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