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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Irina Lobacheva: Averbuch never lived in this apartment!

Translation of an interview with Irina Lobacheva (IL) by Olga Shablinskaya (OS) printed in the Russian language publication “” on June 4, 2008.

Irina Lobacheva and Ilja Averbuch were remodeling their apartment for the last 5 years. Today only Irina and their son Martin live in this apartment.

OS – Both of you were born outside of Moscow. How did you conquer Moscow?

IL – We were renting for several years. It was hard. In principle, any apartment that I would clean becomes mine. My friends ironically tell me that I washed a lot of places in Volgograd, Gomel and Moscow. Now I can add on this list also Voronezh, I opened there one of my schools of figure skating. I am used to living out of a suit case. But of course I always wanted to have my own place. We have had this place for the last 5 years, but moved in only 6 months ago.

OS – It has been said that the difficulties of every day life may breaks up couples better than any mistress.

IL – It is unfortunate but Ilja and I succumbed to too much wandering. Rental apartment can not compete with one’s own. It was less and less attractive to go home. It is possible that it played a role in our breaking up. The separation with Ilja was very difficult for me, even though I was the one who filed for divorce. I lived through a lot at that time. I felt terrible. My participation in the show “Ice Period’ somewhat helped. I kept myself busy. Also, I continued my coaching and took care of our son. I just did not have time to despair. Initially I felt very bad when I would run into Ilja at work, but then I calmed down.

OS – Irina, a year ago in our interview you told me that when you were angry with Ilja you were telling him to find himself a better woman. And he usually replied that he could find only a worse one, not better.

IL – It may very well be the truth. But the deed is done – each one of us has our own life. I am content with our current relations. Both of us are bringing up our son. We meet professionally. Ilja helps me, and if he would ask, I would help him as well. But there is no way back – it is not in my character!

OS – Speaking of ice shows, many sports people say that it is very difficult to train non-skaters - too many hysterics, caprices and bouts of self importance.

IL – Yes, it is a problem with some of the actors, but I was very lucky. At first I skated with ,Valery Sutkin a very calm and serious person. Now I am skating with Dima Marjanov. We practically did not have any tantrums.

OS – At the time of divorce, Ilja left you the apartment. Do you think it was a noble move from his side, or you think that the father has to do this for his child?

IL – It was a noble move. But I think that if a man has character (which is not common with today’s men) that would be in principle a normal and natural move.

OS – Did Ilja have a chance to live in this apartment?

IL – No. At first I moved in and slept on the sofa. Later I brought Martin in. Our son participated in furnishing the apartment. We went to the store together and he helped in selecting the furniture. Here he feels himself completely happy. It is a big apartment - he can play soccer or just run around – there is enough space for him.

OS – I wonder why did it take you so long to move into your own apartment?

IL – It was not ready. The process of remodeling was sometimes stopped because of us – we were traveling a lot, we did not even have time to go to a store and select the materials, and sometimes there was a shortage of money. We worked a lot at that time.

OS – Did you remodel by yourselves?

IL – No. I feel that everyone should do the job that they have. We had a designer for the remodeling. We had a lot of meetings. I was telling him what I liked and what I did not. Also, we had a lot of problems with building permits.

OS – It seems that you will have difficulties keeping up this huge apartment. Will you hire domestic help?

IL – May be later, but for now I will clean it myself. Maybe not all at once, maybe it would be piece by piece and it would take long time, but I would be sure that I cleaned every corner. I trust only myself!


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