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Monday, July 21, 2008

Yagudin- I am not getting married yet!

Translation of an interview with Alexey Yagudin (AY) by Nadezhda Bushueva (NB) printed in the Russian language publication on July 15, 2008.

The famous figure skater broke up with singer Sasha Savelieva because he wants to play around some more. He left amateur sports, but his life is just staring.

He is 28 years old and thinks that this is not a serious age for a man. His horizons are getting wider. He is involved with a TV series on Channel One and he is acting in the theater in the role of president. He is dating the most beautiful ladies on the planet. He broke up with one of them recently, but he is not upset. He is in great demand now.

NB – Let’s start from the very beginning. When you were 4 your mother brought you to the rink….

AY – I came to sports by accident. My mother was walking with her brother along the Neva's shores and saw an announcement of a figure skating school’s admission.

NB – Tell us about your parents.

AY – My parents got divorced right after I was born.

NB – So, do you remember your father?

AY – No, I do not. If I would meet him on the street I would not recognize him. I have some segments of my memory of him though. Sometimes he would come over to our summer house. We played with him there. He gave me a collection of stamps and that was about all that I remembered of him. He was a research scientist as my mother was. I think that he went to Germany to work there and he is still there. But I may be wrong. He called me right after the Olympics and I talked with him as with a stranger. I do not even remember what we were talking about. He suggested for us to get together, but he never called me again. I did not pay much attention to our conversation since Anton Sikharulidze was waiting for me to play table tennis. In essence, my dad does not exist for me. Recently my mother got a man in her life whom I sometimes call my father. They are doing fine.

NB – Do you ever get mad?

AY – It is very difficult to make me mad. I do not even know what would make me mad. I react to everything with humor.

NB - When you are under stress would you take a drink or two?

AY – If the company is good and there is nothing to do the next day, why not? I think that the main point in handling alcohol is not to cross the line when a person becomes inhumane. Of course I was drunk sometimes, but I did not enjoy it.

NB – Tell us about your first love.

AY – It seems that the first mature feelings I had were for Elena Berezhnaya. Our situation was very uncertain. I bought her a ring and wanted to marry her, but I was only 19 years old then.

NB – Your last girlfriend Sasha Savelieva was telling us that you broke up because you stopped understanding each other.

AY – Well, it did not work out.

NB – Were you in love?

AY – Yes.

NB - Was it true that you wanted to marry her?

AY – Yes, I did.

NB – But you were dating only for half a year.

AY – Actually, if you would analyze all of my relationships, they never lasted for more than a year. Sasha is a wonderful person. I am thankful to her for everything that she done for me. May be it was me, may be I was too stubborn; it interferes a lot with my life. Same goes for Nastia Gorshkova. It did not work out with her as well, but I am thankful to her too. I am thankful to all of my women because each one taught me something.

NB – Why are all of your relationships so short lived?

AY – I wish I knew. But now I am single and I am happy.

NB – Are you ready to become a father?

AY – Not really. I do not want it. I do not have time for myself as it is now and if a child would appear I would not be able to handle it. I would hang myself. I do not want any children now. I think that it is not really necessary to get married. One could live without getting married. It was intriguing at 18- 19 years of age, but I do not want it now. My freedom is great!

NB – It seems that you are not mature enough for a serious relationship.

AY – Maybe. I may be wrong, but I always want something better. Whenever I would break up with a girlfriend, I was thinking that it was not meant to be. When we began our relationship with Sasha, I was so much in love and thought that it was for a long time. But something changed and we stopped understanding each other. Well, life goes on and it is not worth it to get upset. She has everything going for her – she is young, beautiful. In a year no one would remember about us.

NB – You must be an expert at handling women.

AY – I am trying to surprise them. I bought for Sasha a toy rat pirate, the biggest in the store. I arranged with her mother and while Sasha was out I brought it to her room and hid it there. I was always giving gifts to everyone – to some, earrings, to others vacation vouchers. Sasha loved postcards and I wrote them to her. Once I even cooked a dinner for her.

NB – Did Sasha dedicate poems to you?

AY – Yes she did. She was sending me a lot of text messages which I saved for the first time in my life.

NB – Was it love from first sight?

AY – I noticed her first – I liked her very much. I started sending her flowers. Everything was moving very fast. At the time that the press was talking about my romance with Victoria Daineko, I was courting Sasha. We sent each other TM’s, called on the phone and our romance took off. It is hard to say when liking transformed into love. Actually I do not believe in love. I believe in the attraction of one person to another.

NB – What about Victoria? It was said that you broke her heart.

AY – We are still friends. I like her, but I elected to be with Sasha. Actually, I had a broken heart once as well. I thought at that time that there would be no more happiness and that my life was ending.

NB – Maybe you would make up with Sasha and will be together again.

AY – It is hard to get in the same river twice.


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