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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Battle of the Ice Shows.

Translation of an article by Valeria Rodionova published in the Russian language publication “Express Gazeta” on July 29, 2008.

In about a month’s time the beautiful show – “Ice Period” will again appear on our TV screens. At this time, the producers do not have to attract the stars, the stars are approaching the program by themselves. But to want to do the show and to be able to do it, are two completely different things.

Tatiana Navka, Anna Semenovich and Maxim Marinin are considering taking part in the show, skating with different actors and singers.

As stated by observers, some of the actors were too old and were too heavy to participate in the show and it was hard and very funny to watch them falling on the ice.

One thing is clear; the commentators for "Ice Period" will again be Irina Slutskaya and Marat Basharov.

The producers had some problems attracting high level figure skaters since there are not too many of them. For several months now, Ilja Averbuch – the producer of the show -- tried to recruit Ekaterina Gordeeva and Ilja Kulik. The couple has promised to respond by mid-August. They are skating in American shows and are being paid big money, so the producers of "Ice Period" will have to come up with high payments as well. Besides, their two daughters are staying in the States.

Negotiations with Olympic Champion Elena Berezhnaya are also progressing. A year ago, Elena became a mother, but she is in a great shape. It is not clear if her husband, British figure skater Steven Cousins, would let her go for such a long period.

Despite gossip that Ilja did not invite his former wife, Irina Lobacheva, to participate in the show, she will be there.

The competitor of "Ice Period" – the TV Channel “Russia” -- is working on its own ice show in strict secrecy. Their key participants are Pluschenko and Rudkovskaya, although the contracts are not signed yet. The participants of this show will practice in Germany.


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