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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maria Buterskaya on vacations.

Translation of an article by Inna Karagezjan printed in the Russian language publication on July 21, 2008.

World champion figure skater Maria Buterskaya and her husband hokey player Vadim Khomitsky went on vacation to the US.

Maria: “We spent two weeks in the US. First we went to New York for four days. You would not believe it, but we spent all of our time there shopping. We bought most of the stuff for our son. Clothing in Moscow costs much more than in NYC. Children are growing very fast and it does not make sense to buy them expensive clothing.

We bought for our son a jumpsuit for just 10 dollars. He will wear this suit four times and then will outgrow it. So we saved money. We also bought a very nice suit for my husband and some dresses and shoes for me. Vadim was very handsome in the new suit and I fell in love with him all over again.”

Maria said that she has a weak spot for the Big Apple and since she had an open visa, decided to visit NYC.

Maria: “We also had a great time in Miami. There we did not do any shopping but rather spent all the time on different attractions in the amusement parks. It was really nice and we felt as if we were 15 again. We did not take our son with us for this extreme excursion, he was with his nurse and my mother and I knew that he was safe.”

Immediately after their return from the states the family of Buterskaya and Khomitsky left for Chernogoria for summer training.


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