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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Navka’s husband Alexander Zhulin moved in with a mistress.

Translation of an article by Denis Kalugin printed in the Russian language publication Sportweek.Ru on August 8, 2008.

The husband of Olympic Champion Tatiana Navka moved in to a rental apartment with a 23 years old mistress.

Regardless of the fact that Alexander and Tatiana are still formally married, it is not a secret to anyone that their love life broke down long ago. For the last 6 months the 45 year old coach is very happy and is attending the parties of high society accompanied by his girlfriend Natalia Mikhajlova. Recently the lovers moved in together.

Zhulin is very much in love and spends with his mistress days and nights. Last night was not an exception – the young blond and the famous coach went for dinner to a posh restaurant in Moscow. After dinner they demonstratively hugged and kissed each other and than left for home. Not for their individual homes, but rather to their new family nest.


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