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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Lobacheva found replacement for Averbuch.

Translation of an article by Jana Novikova printed in Russian language publication “Tvoy Den” on August 4, 2008.

After a high profile divorce from a famous figure skater, Irina has started a romance with actor Dmitry Marjanov.

Famous figure skater Irina Lobacheva left Ilja Averbuch for her partner in the show, Ice Period.

One of the most durable couples in the world of figure skating and show business broke up about a year ago. News about the divorce of Ilja and Irina shocked a lot of people. While admirers of the famous couple were considering the facts, the skaters themselves dived into new romances.

For about a year now, Irina has been involved romantically with actor Dmitry Marjanov. He was able to catch her attention in the first weeks of their work on the project “Ice Period.”

Their romance evolved very rapidly. Colleagues at the show saw what was happening but were not in a hurry to announce it or to discuss between them the relationship of a 38 year old actor and 35 years old figure skater, who was at that time married to the 40 years old Tatiana Skorokhodova.

There were many reasons mentioned for the divorce of Irina and Ilja: stardom, infidelity, financial difficulties, even black magic may have separated the couple. After they separated, it was difficult for them to maintain relations when they lived apart; they stopped communicating and understanding each other and Irina filed for divorce.

After the divorce the couple stayed friendly. Ilja has good relations with their son Martin and he supports his former wife and son financially.

Irina never removed from her neck a pendant in a shape of a skate that was given to her by Ilja sometimes ago.


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