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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Tatiana Navka is going to participate in the “Eurovision” Competition.

Translation of an article by Ekaterina Preobrazhenskaya printed in a Russian language publication “Dailyshow.Ru” on August 26, 2008

Impossible, but its a fact – Olympic Champion Tatiana Navka is going to “Eurovision”. Although the girl does not plan to sing, she will surprise the public by participating in the dance competition with professional dancer Alexander Litvinenko.

On September 6 in Glasgow, Scotland's International Competition –“Eurovision Dance Contest” will take place. Each competing couple representing a country will consist of one professional dancer and the other partner should be a non-dancer, but famous in some other area.

The Russian couple has a very good chances to win the competition. Both partners are well known to spectators in Russia and outside. Tatiana Navka together with Roman Kostomarov won a lot of Gold Medals at the European and World Championships in Ice Dancing and in 2006 they won Gold Medals at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Also, for the two seasons in a row, Tatiana participated in the most popular ice shows – “The Stars on Ice” and the “Ice Period” and she always was among the prize winners at these shows.

Alexander Litvinenko is one of the most popular of Russia's professional ballroom dancers. He participated and won prizes in many standard and Latin dancing competitions.

When the Russians decided to participate in Eurovision, they first selected Tatiana and then looked for a partner for her.

The couple will dance to the music of one of the famous songs by (Vladimit) Visotsky.

Says Tatiana – “I am very happy to participate in this contest. I love dancing very much. When I first came to a rehearsal, I thought that it would be a simple task. But apparently ballroom dancing is very complicated. It has its own techniques. And as in anything, to get good results one has to work hard. I understand that the competition will be very tough, but as always, before entering anything I am telling myself that I will do it to the best of my abilities.”


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