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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Navka moves in with Basharov

Translation of an article by Jana Novikova et al. printed in the Russian language publication “Tvoy Den” on July 28, 2008.

Figure skater Tatiana Navka and actor Marat Basharov rented a country home and moved in together.

The famous figure skater Tatiana Navka and the charming actor Marat Basharov rented a house in the village of Fedjakino in the Rjazan district and are living there together.

35 year old figure skater Tatiana Navka became a frequent and welcome guest at the nearby village of Konstantinovo where the filming of the movie called “Village Comedy” is taking place. Marat Basharov is playing one of the lead roles in this movie.

Initially, Marat stayed in a hotel in the nearby city of Rjazan. Now, at the request of his captivating lover, this skating-acting couple is renting a home in a picturesque village. The locals in this province consider them a married couple, not knowing that each of them is married to other people.

Away from Moscow’s hustle and bustle, the couple feels comfortable, visiting the local pub and restaurant and liking the beer there. They even dress and behave like the locals. In this manner, the media personalities left behind the high society of the capital and the elite places of rest and are enjoying a country romance.


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