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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Chernishov broke up with Zavorotnjuk.

Translation of an article by Snezhana Popova printed In Russian language publication Zhizn.Ru on August 19, 2008.

Peter Chernishov ran away from Anastasia Zavorotnjuk. At the end of July, he left for the US allegedly due to business problems. While Peter was having great time in the US with his friends, Anastasia was sad and alone in Moscow. She has many reasons to be sad.

As soon as the figure skater Peter Chernishov appeared in the TV show “Dances with Stars” he obtained a lot of female admirers. His partner at the show, Julia Kovalchuk, was smitten with him as well.

They worked so well together that they become the leaders and finally the winners of the competition at the show. They earned that by working very hard. From early morning till late at night they worked together at the rink.

But during that period Peter found time to start a romance with Zavorotnjuk. Anastasia fell for Peter very fast and hard. The first clouds on the horizon appeared when she learned that he had two other flames – one in St. Petersburg and the other in the US, where Peter lived and worked last few years. American figure skater Naomi Lung is still madly in love with Peter. (Ed note. I addressed that allegation here).

But the lovers made up and left for a holiday in the islands. It was reported that Peter proposed to Anastasia and met her with his parents. Although, when he went to the Olympics to Beijing, she stayed behind in Moscow. When asked why it was that way, she did not want to comment on their situation.


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