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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ice battles II.

Translation of an article by Olga Saburova printed in a Russian Language publication “Sobesednik” on August 26, 2008.

Far in advance of the new season, the two major Russian TV channels have started a big war, where the main ammunition is money and personal preferences.

The two major ice shows – “The Ice Period” and “Dances on Ice” have not finalized their programs and are still competing for participants.

"The Ice Period" has several major problems – it is still not clear how many couples will come out on ice; who will replace traumatized Sergey Zhigunow and who will perform with Alexey Yagudin?

The skaters group is going to be the same as it was in the last season. But since Ilja Averbuch, the producer of the show, wants to have more couples - there will be new faces, for example Olympic Champion Ekaterina Gordeeva. On the other hand, Anton Sikharulidse will not come out on the ice – his duties as a politician do not leave him enough time for practices.

"Dances on Ice" are betting on the winners of Eurovision. Pluschenko will become a commentator together with Anastasia Zavorotnjuk and his girlfriend Jana Rudkovskaya will skate with Peter Chernishov. Singer Dima Bilan will skate with Elena Bereznaja, who replaced pregnant Marina Anisina.


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