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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Competition for the heart of a woman by two skaters.

Translation of an article printed in the Russian Language publication “Zhizn”, printed on September 30, 2008.

Jana Rudkovskaya has a lot of problems at the show “Stars on Ice”. Her lover, Evgeny Pluschenko, from the very beginning was jealous of her skating partner, Ruslan Goncharov.

Pluschenko is one of two announcers at the show and knows everything that is going on there during practices and tapings. He often comes to the practices together with Jana as to keep an eye on her and to protect her from advances by Goncharov. At the taping of the very first show, he openly announced that Jana belongs only to him and he was not interested in sharing her with Goncharov, who did not contradict him but could not hide his fondness for Jana.

Pluschenko even threatened Goncarov with physical violence if he would flirt with Jana. But Goncharov said that he was not worried about a scandal, since he was not intentionally provoking Pluschenko, and besides, Gonchrov stated that everything would depend on Jana’s behavior.

Initially Jana was skating with Pluschenko, but when he became an announcer, she had to change partners. It was obvious from the very beginning that the Goncharov relates to Jana not only as a partner.

“I do not keep it a secret that I am attracted to Jana” – says Goncharov. “As of now we have just friendly relations. But we are working on ice at a show where there are many different scandals happening all the time and different and unexpected situations occur. It is a big and serious project and our work together can not just end at the end of the project. I think that after the show, Jana and I will continue our relationship. It is impossible to skate in a pair and not to have any feelings of love, of intimacy and of support for each other. I do not know now how it will end.”

It is very hard for Jana to ignore this temptation. When she is alone with Goncharov, she hugs him, straightens his hair and holds his hand. “I am happy that I have such a partner as Ruslan,” – says Jana. “He supports me as much he can: he brings tea, sandwiches and makes me smile when I fail to perform some skating elements. But I have to be on guard all the time, because Evgeny – the love of my life, is always around.”


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