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Friday, October 10, 2008


Beauty secrets of Anna Semenovich.

Translation of an article printed in Russian language publication “Zvezdy” on September 25, 2008.

“Genetically I am susceptible to becoming overweight,” reveals Anna. "When I was 16 years old and practicing with Linichuk and Karponosov, they issued a condition for working with me – to lose 10 pounds. And for a whole month in the middle of the summer I was running for two hours every day in a woolen sweat-suit and ate only shrimp and apples. I do not know why I decided on this diet, but my experiment worked and I lost 16 pounds.”

This discovery helped Anna in her future life. Even now, in spite of her constantly being busy and traveling and moving around, she tries to eat properly. Of course she does not have to eat shrimp and apples any more. But she says that she always tries to eat healthy food – vegetable salads, fruits and seafood. She does not eat meat, just poultry and very rarely eats fast food, only when she is very hungry and does not have time for a proper meal.

Anna Semenovich – Biography

Anna Semenovich – figure skater, trained with Dubova, Tchaikovskaya, Zhelikov, Linichuk and Karponosov. Danced on ice in pair with Maxim Kochanov, Vladimir Fedorov (1995-1999); Roman Kostomarov (1999-2000) and Denis Samokhin (2001).

Anna Semenovich won many international competitions and was the Champion of Russia in pair with Roman Kostomarov. This pair, who were coached by Natalia Linichuk, was considered to be the second strongest Russian dance pair after Irina Lobacheva and Ilja Averbuch. They were among the six strongest ice dancing pairs in the world.

At 23, Anna left sport due to a meniscus trauma and moved from the US back to Russia. She was invited to join the ice ballet of Bobrin, Bestemjanova and Tarasova, but decided to create her own musical band named “Charlie’s Angels”. They successfully performed in Moscow and together with producer Daniil Mishin created a clip where Maria Butirskaya danced on ice to their performance.

Shortly after that, the group disbanded and Anna went to work for TV. She interviewed different groups and one of the interviews with the group “The Shining” became a career changing experience for Anna. She left TV, joined the group and was very successful in it. Currently she continues her career as a singer and movie star.


  • At January 13, 2009 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Anna Semenovich skated with Denis Samokhin not only in 2001, he was her first partner for many years back in the 90s before she even started skating with Fedorov and Kachanov.


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