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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Plans of Evgeny Pluschenko

Translation of an interview by Jaroslav Korbatov (JK) with the President of Russian Figure Skating Federation Valentin Piseev (VP) printed in the Russian Language publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on October 25, 2008.

JK – Is the return of Pluschenko imminent?

VP – It is hard to say. I have Evgeny’s individual plan which we discussed back in August when he came in for one of the qualifying performances. He was in good form. His appearance stimulated the performances of the other skaters. He is not practicing every day, but he still could jump a series of triple jumps one after another.

The other thing was that he was supposed to perform in a special program: he was supposed to participate in one of the segments of the Grand Prix. Then we talked about his participation in November at the Cup of Russia in Moscow, but he did not show up for any of these events.

It is not clear if he will be participating in any competitions this season and if he will come back to the big sports at all. When we talked on the phone the last time, Evgeny told me that if he would feel like participating in the competitions, he would just show up at the Championship of Russia. If he would miss this event, he will not be eligible to participate in the European and World Championships. He wants to participate, but he has to drop other shows and businesses and start practicing twice every day, while these days he can practice only a couple of days a week.

JK – Does he have a weight problem?

VP – He has lost about 8 pounds already. It was part of his training program. He has to drop another 8 pounds.

JK – Is he a member of the National team? Is he getting paid as a team member?

VP – Yes, we included him in the National Team at the beginning of the season. And he is getting paid as an Olympic Champion. But our salary is not that much for him.

JK - There was a rumor that at the Gala Show “Starry Ice” Evgeny had shown his program that he would skate at the Vancouver Olympics.

VP – Those were just gossips. In the first place at the show venue one could not skate an Olympic program, the size of the ice is different and that is very important. He could only show some fragments and the music. Although I am not sure if he defined his music yet. He had several options – some were offered by his coach Alexey Mishin, but Evgeny was waiting for his friend, Hungarian violinist Edvin Martion to present some music to him. Evgeny said that he will finalize his choice of music during his European tour. He will have ten shows there and will try out different pieces of his program and the music. Recently he was performing in Italy and the President of the International Union of Figure Skaters Mr. Chiquanta was very impressed by his performance.


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