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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Anastasia Grebenkina – no man can resist me!

Translation of an interview by Ekaterina Evsukova (EE) printed in the Russian Language publication “Sobesednik” on October 22, 2008.

Beautiful Russian figure skater and star of the show “Dances on Ice” Anastasia (Nastia) Grebenkina (AG) won the silver medal in the previous season of the show in a pair with Sergey Lazarev. This year she is skating with a new partner – movie and theater actor Maxim Averin.

EE – Nastia, how do you feel after your last fall?

AG – I do not feel that well. I have headaches and dizziness. Doctors recommend staying in bed for some time, but I can not afford that luxury. The show starts soon and I have to practice a lot. I am used to it; it is not my first concussion.

EE –How many did you have?

AG – Four, one severe and 3 light.

EE – And after all that you did not want to quit the sport?

AG – Of course not. These are minor things. Sport is my life. Not long ago, with my partner Vazgen Azroyan, we opened a figure skating school and are planning to open a class for children. You would not even guess how many elite moms, almost all of them from show business, approached me.

EE – Last season you won the silver at the show. Could you say now, a year later that the judges were not fair?

AG – I do not want to judge the judges. I always believed that if one did not get first place, it was a stimulus to work harder next time. Then everything will be OK and you will be first. If one does skate better than the others it is impossible not to notice. And the spectators see it first.

EE – Were the female admirers of your partner Sergey Lazarev jealous of you?

AG – Well, after out first show, Sergey told me that his female admirers hate all of the girls that they see him with. But for some reason they liked me. I was very pleased by that. It is normal to be loved by men, but to be loved by women – it is worth a lot.

EE – You are a beautiful single woman. Do you feel that your new partner Maxim Averin is attracted to you?

AG – No man can resist me! Of course I feel his emotions. They should always be present.

EE – Should we expect a new romance?

AG – I do not know. First I should like the person and then everything will fall into place.

EE – You have the eyes of a woman in love. Confess!

AG – OK, I will not hide it, I am in love.

EE – With Maxim?

AG – I will not tell. I am a person who easily falls in love. I can fall in love not only with a man, but with anyone else. To be in love is a necessary condition for a creative person.

EE – It is known among actresses that competitors in show business rarely become friends. How is it in sports, could competitors be friends?

AG – It is rare that competitors become friends. If you are in dancing, you may be friends with a single skater. I have been very friendly with Anna Semenovich for many years. Her sport’s past is not a problem for us. This summer we went together for a vacation in Jordan.

EE – How did the men there share you between them?

AG – We were lucky, it just happened that some men liked me and some liked her. We are so different that we do not have any problems.

EE – What if you both would like the same man?

AG – It was important for both of us that the men follow their feelings. We did not want to conquer them. It is not in our characters. If we see that we are not a favorite with a man we would not fight for his attention.

EE – It is known that sport in Moscow does not pay much, but at the age of 21 you bought a three room (one bedroom) apartment in the center of Moscow.

AG – I was not planning to buy it, I was considering buying a studio, but I liked it very much and I took a loan and borrowed some money for it. One could earn good money in any profession.

EE – What do you usually spend your money on?

AG – I love to shop. Recently I was in Rome where I spent 3 days shopping. The shops there are like museums, one can not stop looking. From every country that I visit I bring back dolls. I also collect porcelain figurines of figure skaters although I do not have that many so far - they are very rare.


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