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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The 1984 U.S. Junior Pair Champion (with sister Ginger), is now a war zone based reporter!
Friday, July 22, 2005



Interview with Anna Semenovich (AS) by a correspondent of the Russian Language newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Mr. Jaroslav Korbatov (JK), printed on Saturday, July 16, 2005


A DD size cup did not prevent Anna from becoming the Silver Medallist of Russia in ice dancing.

Anna Semenovich, the soloist of the group “The Shining,” is known as the owner of the most gorgeous bust on the Russian stage. It is not a joke – it is a size DD cup! Not long ago at the taping of the show “The Parami Palms,” her rented swim suit burst and the taping had to be stopped.

Nevertheless, prior to beginning her career on the stage, Anna, as a sex symbol, made a lot of impressions in a completely different area - as the elite figure skater of the world.

The dance couple - Anna Semenovich/Roman Kostomarov, that was trained by a famous coach Ms. Natalia Linichuk, was considered the second strongest Russian duet in ice skating after Irina Lobacheva and Ilya Averbuch.

At the Worlds and European Championships, Anna and her partner were solidly placed among the six strongest performers. And the surprising thing was that if the gorgeous bust is definitely helping her as a pop star, than how was that same DD size bust not in her way when she performed on ice?
AS - If I was a single figure skater, it was possible that I would have had problems. There, one has to make a lot of high jumps. But in ice dancing one has to simply skate beautifully. And besides, up till 15 years of age, I had small breasts. It was at 16 that my juices began to flow. When Natalia Linichuk saw me in such "pear" form on the ice, she asked me to lose weight and I dropped about 12 pounds. But I could not do anything with my bust and had to perform in a corset.

JK- Could I ask you a not very delicate question? Many of your admirers are interested if your bust is natural, or….
AS -No "ors". It is my family treasure. I inherited it from my mom. Honestly, this talk is getting on my nerves. I even recently agreed to pose for a men's magazine as to once and for all close this subject. Those who saw the pictures were convinced that it was not silicone. And besides, it seems to me that I am beautiful not only in my body, bur also in my soul.

JK- What about the judges, were they able to appreciate your virtues? After all, figure skating is a very subjective kind of sport….
AS - I think that it was true. When there is a striking girl on ice, the program leaves a more bright impression. I saw that I was distinguished among other sports women: at the International competitions I was given titles, such as: "Miss Charm", "Miss Charming" and, of course "Miss Bust." I could not avoid that.

JK - But even though you dreamed about the Olympic Championship, you did not become one…
AS- I could have become one, but in the figure skating there is an unspoken rule of order. The ones who are older go ahead of the line. I was unofficially told: "You are too young. In a few years, your time will come." After our duet with Kostomarov broke up ( Navka - Kostomarov are the current World Champions), I went back to my old partner Denis Simochin. We were practicing very seriously, but by that time I’d had a trauma and had to have a meniscus operation, after which I never fully recovered. And it was then that I decided to say good bye to sports.

JK- When was the last time that you put on skates?
AS - Last spring at the World Championship of figure skating in Moscow. A friend of mine, Nastia Grebenkina, participated in the competition. I came to her practice and at the same time skated a little myself.

JK - I think that now you would not be able to jump a triple?
AS- I did not do it at all, I am an ice dancer. But a one and a half turns Axel I could do many times. Triples were always difficult for me.

JK- Your former partners have established their personal lives. Roma Kostomarov married not long ago an Austrian figure skater Julia Lautova…..
AS - I was on tour then and could congratulate Roman only on the phone.

JK - Denis Samochin gave in to the charms of the Olympic Champion in gymnastics Julia Barsukova….
AS - It is a pity. But they broke up already.

JK- Are you tired of being single?
AS- It is a very delicate topic. I would rather not talk about my private life.

JK- Let's get to this subject from another angle. What was the most luxurious present that was made to you by a man?
AS - The most luxurious present was given to me not by a member of the stronger gender. The treasure that was presented to me is called Marcy - my Pomeranian.

JK- Who was the presenter?
AS- The girls from my group. When I joined "The Shining" it appeared that all of the girls had little dogs. It looked very quiet. And I adore dogs from my childhood. When I had my own, although rented, apartment, I decided that someone loving and tender should live with me. This way in my life appeared my most jealous boyfriend.
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