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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Irina Slutskaya to reporters: “Go to hell with all of your stories about my pregnancy.”

Translation of an article by Nadezhda Oseeva and Malika Samahiddinova in Russian language newspaper “Trud”, published on June 28, 2007

Irinal Slutskaya left sports; she is either pregnant or has decided to become an actress. The ice princess of figure skating no longer comes out on the ice: she missed the show of Pluschenko in Russia and would not take part in the Collins’ tour in the USA. She also refused to take part in the races of aqua bikes and was planning to spend the summer home with a book. It is so not typical of Ms. Slutskaya who was always very competitive and wanted to be the first everywhere.
Irina played a role in a film with a working name “The Story of a Black Cow”. It will be released soon. It looks like the figure skater is seriously interested in acting in the theater.

If it is true or false it is hard to say, but she is making good monologues lately. In the hall of the Ice Castle she was telling off the reporters: “How long are you going to write about my private life? You want to make me to be beside myself, you will not succeed because the sport made me strong. I feel sorry for the people who read this nonsense! I do not want to discuss my relationship with Khabensky, or with my husband, or my pregnancy. It is all nonsense! You do not have any proof or explanation. I am in contact with half of the people in the show business and you may claim that I have relationships with all of them. Honestly, I do not understand why people love scandals so much? Who needs it? Who is interested in it and who benefits from it? It is all lies! Look at my “pregnant” waistline- said Irina turning around. You are all printing stories that I never confirmed. You are speaking for me. Did you ever think how difficult it is for me and Kostja’s wife to read these stories? I am married, I love my husband, but every day I learn something new about myself.”

When asked by a reporter when she discovered her theatrical talents, she asked – what talents? When asked if she studies in a theatrical institute, Irina replied that she never conformed this information. Irina thinks that it is OK for the former sports people to start acting careers provided that they have studied in this area. She herself has graduated from a school for announcers. She used this knowledge to be an announcer at the second half of the last Pluschenko show on ice.

Irina has a few projects in the works, but she does not want to talk about them, stating that when they were completed, the spectators would be the judges. She does not like to beat her own drum as most people in show business in the 21st century do. “I am made from a different mold. The time will come and you will learn about my projects” - said Irina.

The reporters pointed out that many former figure skaters – Evgeny Pluschenko, Anton Sikhuralidze, Elena Bereznaja became politicians. Asked why she did not look into that area Irina replied: “Because it would not be me. I am not strong in politics and would not go there. I think that every person should do what they know how to do. I can not combine politics with my other projects and I know that I would not be able to give it my all. I am used to giving my full attention to what I do.” Irina also stated that she did not have business talent and would stick with what she did best.

When asked if she is completely finished with sports, she replied that she has reached the heights and that it was not out of the question that she may come back. She has not sent an official letter to the Russian Figure Skating Federation stating that she was leaving the sport. She left the door open that if she would have a wish to skate, she could always come back, provided that her health would allow that.

Lately there were a lot of rumors that Irina was pregnant and not by her husband, businessmen Sergey Mikheev. They are happily married for 8 years. There were also rumors that the father of her future child was actor Constantine Khabinsky. Also there are rumors that Irina is studying at the Russian academy of arts as to become a theatrical actress.

Also, it was said that Irina is getting ready to move into a new place. She bought a whole floor in a new development of a 12 story building in a very prestige area of Moscow. Today the price of one square yard of construction there is about 8 thousand dollars. The whole floor is about 300 square yards. But being true to herself, Irina does not confirm anything about the construction, although she rents an apartment in a building next door to the construction site where she could watch her new place being built.

Ed note: Despite the tone of this article, Irina's pregnancy has been reported as fact, for months.
Tuesday, July 10, 2007


From Naomi Syken, mother of Jenna Syken, now skating for Israel, comes this update on Oleg and Debbie:

(They) are very happily married for a long time. My husband's veterinary practice (PENNELL VETERINARY CLINIC) is up the block from Iceworks in Aston, Pa. My husband knew Debbie and Oleg long before Jenna was coached by Oleg, because Debbie used to bring her cat to my husband. Then when they got married they still brought "their" cat to my husband.

I think it was 4 years ago when they did the show at Iceworks and Debbie announced showtime she was pregnant.

They have 2 absolutely beautiful children. They are so well mannered, happy, smart, and behaved, not at all like what you usually see these days.

Oleg is a fantastic father as is Debbie the same as a mom. Debbie was teaching up until like the month of her giving birth with the first one and the second. Debbie brought them to the rink and as Debbie would teach, we had to pry each one out of Oleg's arms so he could go and teach.

Oleg was always in love with Debbie from when they first skated together. They are so in love and such a great couple and family.

They are at Iceworks in Aston, Pa. and Debbie also has her Real Estate license and they live in Downington now, I think. They used to live in West Chester, but sold that house and built a new one.

This is where I think the story goes and they lived happily ever after.

Thank you, Naomi!

And if any other readers have updates on their favorite skaters, please feel free to post in the Comments or send them on in!
Monday, July 09, 2007



Article by Boris Titov printed on July 3 in the Russian language publication “Izvestia”


Russia's first Figure Skating World Champion, Maria Butyrskaya didn't stay home long after having a baby. This week she went back to work as a coach at the Olympic reserve skating school.

On April 16, 2007 Maria Butyrskaya and her husband – hockey player Vadim Khomitsky - had a baby son whom they called Vladislav.

Maria kept working on the ice practically till she stared having contractions because she was so worried for her pupils. She promised to come back to work as soon as it was possible according to her and her baby’s health. A week ago she celebrated her 35th birthday among family and friends and at that time she decided to go back to work.

In the older group of Maria Butyrskaya, in age ranging from 7 to 13 years old, there are seven talented girls form Moscow, Minsk and Lipetsk.

Maria considers that age the most perfect for the development of young skaters. She says: ”At this age you can mold them to be good skaters as if they were made from soft clay. I am almost sure that you will hear about them in a few years. Some of them may even participate in the Olympic Games”.

When asked about her son, Maria told us that he was two months old and was developing normally as a healthy and strong boy, who made his parents happy.
Thursday, July 05, 2007


1976 Olympic Champion Dorothy Hamill will release an autobiography, A Skating Life, this October from Hyperion Books.

(Hyperion is a Disney imprint. With Disney being the ultimate expert in synergy, should we be looking forward to an ABC/Wide World of Sports skating special this Fall? After all, Dorothy did make her television skating debut on their network. And will Michelle Kwan be making a guest-appearance? Disney loves Michelle Kwan!)

Interestingly, when Dorothy shopped around a book proposal in 2003, it was turned down at several houses for being too nasty and bitter -- not the image America wanted for their ice princess.

So either Dorothy had cleaned up her manuscript since then, or publishing has decided Ms. Hamill can be as nasty as she wants to be!
Monday, July 02, 2007


This is my first time trying this, so let's see how it goes. Below is an interview with Michelle Kwan that was conducted in English, translated into Russian, then re-translated back into English...

Five time world champion Michelle Kwan – “I will definitely be back”

Translation of an exclusive interview with Michelle Kwan (MK) by Oleg Chikiris (OC) a correspondent of the Russian language newspaper “Sovetskij Sport” published on June 21, 2007.

The famous American figure skater spent a whole week in Russia. In addition to Moscow, she visited Elista and Volgograd. This time, Michelle came to Russian to conquer diplomatic, rather than sports heights. Last year she was appointed Citizen Ambassador by the US State Department.

OC – Michelle, does anyone recognize you in Moscow except Americans?

MK – Not on the streets, but just recently a man approached me in the store and asked me if I was Kwan. I had to confess. Until now I was in Moscow only once – at the World Championship of 2005. At that time my acquaintance with Moscow was standard for visiting sportspeople – hotel/sport’s arena/hotel. But even while we were driving this route I could see how beautiful the city was and my coach – Rafael Arutunjan was giving me on our way a short tour of the city. This time I was able to walk in the center of the city, to visit the Red Square. It is much warmer here now than it was two years ago. Also, I visited Elista and Volgograd.

OC – This time you came as a Citizen Ambassador. What is included in your duties?

MK - It is not a new position for me. I was representing my country when I was skating and now I continue this mission in a different capacity. I came to Russia for the celebration of 200 years of establishing diplomatic relations between our countries. It is hard to believe that only after 31 years of creation of the USA, our countries established diplomatic relations. I was meeting with students here and I was telling them about my life, about my dreams and my sports career and my life lessons. I hope that my example will help them to be successful.

OC – How did you prepare for your visit to Russia?

MK- I read a lot of books about your country and learned a lot of facts. For example I learned that you last Tsar, Nicolas II, liked horses and participated in races and his jockey was an American. Or that in 1948, Russians and Americans were competing for the chess crown. Incidentally, when I visited the region of Kalmikia, I was taken to the Chess-City. I remember this wonderful feeling – on one side was the city of Elista and on the other there was the Chess-City. Actually I feel myself as a representative of sports diplomacy. The world Olympic movement includes 200 countries. Sports make countries to be closer to each other. Not only Russians enjoy the performances of Sharapova or Ovechkin or Plushchenko. The same way not only Americans enjoy the games of Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

OC – How did you become a Citizen Ambassador for the US State Department?

MK – At the end of last year I was invited to the White House during the visit there of the Chinese premier Ho-Tzin-Tao. It happened that I was sitting at the table with him, our President and Condaleeza Rice. When I was saying goodbye, I told Ms. Rice that if I could be of help, she could call me. Some times later I received an invitation to become a Citizen Ambassador.

OC – Do you really like what you do?

MK – Believe me, it is really very interesting. I am a student of Denver University. I study political sciences and international relations. Thus it is very important for me to exchange my thoughts with young people worldwide.

OC – If I am not mistaken, Ms. Rice was a student at the same school and at the same department.

MK – Yes, she was, and please do not forget that she was also a figure skater.

OC – Seeing so many coincidences, are you preparing to become a Secretary of State?

MK – Everything may happen. Incidentally, when Ms. Rice offered me a position of Citizen Ambassador, she suggested that some day I may very well take her place.

OC – When you were active in sports you were different from other skaters in a way that you behaved in a very dignifying manner when you lost a competition. You did not complain and did not blame the judges. You did not get involved in dirty tricks behind the scenes. Was it a result of your upbringing or even then you were preparing yourself for a diplomatic career?

MK- Oh, no, I was not thinking then of a diplomatic career. My parents taught me that figure skating was just a sport and it was not a matter of life and death. You almost never win all the time or lose all the time. The main thing is – regardless of the result to keep moving forward.

OC – Did you have a chance to meet with your friend – Irina Slutskaya while you were in Moscow?

MK – Unfortunately not. I could not reach her on the phone. I hope to see her at the reception at the American Embassy. I made sure that she was sent an invitation. I am not sure if she would come since she is pregnant.

OC – For such an individual sport as figure skating, your friendship with Irina is a unique event. It is not common that direct competitors would be also friends. Most times their relations are hostile. How did it happen that you became friends with Irina?

MK - We really were competitors for about 10 years. I was about 13 when we first met at the competitions. Then there were nine World championships, two Olympic games. Initially we just met in the bus on the way to the rink, and than began to hang out together not only on the rink, but outside as well. I think that we have a similar mentality with Irina. We never set a goal to defeat a particular sportsperson, but rather to do the best we could. I think that was why we understood each other so well.

OC - Besides your common views on life, you have another similarity – you both were eternal favorites, but never won Olympic Gold. Irina said recently that she would participate in Olympics in Vancouver. Do you want to renew your sports career as well?

MK – Last August I had a serious operation on my hip. To regain my form I was running 4-5 miles every day and exercised a lot. Everybody asked me if I wanted to become a professional, but I am not ready to close the doors on a big sport yet.

OC – But you are 26 – you may be too old for the contemporary figure skating.

MK –Yes, you are right. Many people tell me that I am too old to continue my sports career. But than I remembered an example of Maria Butyrskaya. She was 29 when she competed. At that time I thought that it was terrible, she was too old and that people at that age were supposed to walk with a cane. But then Maria won the Worlds! I calculated that I will be exactly 29 in 2010. If Butyrskaya could do it, why couldn’t I!

OC – Do you mean that your fans could see you in the upcoming season?

MK- I do not plan my life so far in advance, but rather concentrate on what I am doing now. When you do too many things at the same time, it is impossible to get good results. But sooner or later I will definitely come back to figure skating. I think that I am in the same position as Evgeny Plushchenko. He became a father, he has his ice show and everyone wants him to give a definite answer. I think that a person has to make a decision not when he is pressured to, but when he wants to.

OC – By the way, Pluschenko had already announced that he will take part in several tours this fall. Also, it is possible that Alexey Yagudin could come back as well.

MK – Yagudin? You must be joking!

OC – At least it is what he is saying.

MK – Oh, these are two different things – to say and to do. Incidentally where is Yagudin now?

OC – I do not know for sure, but I think that he is in his native Saint Petersburg.

MK – Oh, I thought that he lived in Moscow. It is too bad that I would not be able to see him. What is he doing now?

OC – He is participating in the television show and skating in the tours of Ilja Averbuch.

MK – Oh, I know that you have your ice shows – Totmjaninova and Marinin told me about them.

OC – Foreign stars are also participating in our ice shows. Sasha Cohen, Brian Joubert and Chinese couples. By the way, did they invite you to participate in the shows?

MK- No, everyone knew about my trauma and the operation and it did not make sense for them to call me.

OC – What do you think about the rivalry between Pluschenko and Yagudin? Do you think that it moved forward the figure skating?

MK – It was something unbelievable. The fans loved it because no one could predict the winner in this duel. I vividly remember the competition of Evgeny and Alexey at the 2002 Olympics. When Pluschenko performed a triple jump in a short program I was screaming in amazement together with the spectators. I hope that we may become the witnesses to their competition again.

OC – What can you tell us about the technical side of their competition? It seems that they were jumping almost all of the quads.

MK – I was skating with Evgeny in the same tour and I know how difficult it was to skate after him, when the public was still in ecstasy after his quad jumps. Believe me, it was not simple. I can imagine what effect he has on the spectators if I, a professional skater, was delighted by his jumps. In general, Evgeny is an unusual skater. He may skip a few days of practice, and then he would come out on the ice and would show a perfect performance.

OC – Michelle, you are a champion of getting marks of 6 at the official competitions. Do you regret the changes in the judging system in skating?

MK- Of course I liked the old system more. There were more emotions. When people looked at the marks they were going – Wow, Wow, Oooh… Now the people look at the marks and just ask – How much?

OC – What direction do you think figure skating will be going in the next few years?

MK- Everything changes so fast that I can not imagine myself which way figure skating will go in the next few years. I do not think that it will go only toward technical achievements and the women will all be jumping quads. The harmony between the technical and artistic components of the programs will still exist.

Reference data:

Michelle Kwan was born July 7, 1980
Started figure skating when she was 5 years old.
Five time world champion
Silver medalist of the Nagano Olympics in 1998 and Bronze medalist of the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002
Nine time champion of the USA
Record keeper for the number of marks 6 in the world - 57.
In 2000 she made People Magazine's list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.
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