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Monday, June 27, 2005


In 1992, French Pair skater Line Haddad was the youngest competitor at the Olympic Games in Albertville.

She recalls, “It was just amazing to walk with the French Team and to realize that my parents were in the audience. Moreover, I turned 14 the day of my free program, which was a great birthday gift. It was a wonderful competitive experience for me and my partner, Sylvain Prive, as it was only the beginning of our career and we had great support as we were representing France.”

For Line, being an Olympic and World competitor meant a great deal. “Those competitions allowed me to meet people from all over the world, to speak different languages and to discover new cultures.”

In fact, Line enjoyed the experience so much that, even after she and her partner had been broken up for over a year, she still wanted to keep competing. “I got in touch with the Israeli Federation. They were very interested in having me in their team, and it was ideal for me to represent Israel. They invited me for a try-out with a Russian partner and a Russian coach, and it worked out well, so I decided to take the chance. I was very proud to skate for Israel, it was a great human experience for me. But it was also a challenge after a long break and an injury. My goal was to reach the International level, which I did (at the 2000 Europeans), so I was ready to move on to something different and more creative like professional skating. I had to finish as well my Master degree in foreign languages in Paris.”

For Line, professional skating included a role with The Ice Theatre of New York, about which Line gushes, “The Ice Theatre of NY finally allows me to do what I always dreamed of. Indeed, I have the possibility to merge my two passions, dance and skating. I can express myself and exploit my artistic capabilities in many different ways. As a choreographer, it helps me as well to explore my creativity and to meet really talented artists, which is a really rich experience. I used to work as a choreographer for the French Team and I am still working with them for further projects. I teach my own students in NY, and have the chance to choreograph programs for skaters from many different nationalities. I perform in a Latin dance company since last year. I look forward as well to working with Heather Harrington this summer on a Dance project, and to develop choreography workshops for young skaters as I used to do in France.”
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