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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I am not a gorgeous half-Egyptian/half-Norwegian.

To be fair, I've never been mistaken for one.

But as I was looking at the cover of my latest novel, "The Man From Oakdale," I realized the following:

There is a couple in a clinch on the cover. The authors are listed as being "Henry Coleman with Alina Adams."

Since "Henry Coleman" is one-half of the couple, it might be presumed that Alina Adams is the other half.

But I am not that gorgeous.

Believe me, no one on Earth is a gorgeous as Ewa da Cruz, the woman who plays Vienna Hyatt on "As The World Turns" and is pictured with actor Trent Dawson, who plays Henry.

Do you know who else I am not?

I am not Henry Coleman. I'm not even the one who plays him on TV.

I merely "collaborated" with Oakdale's resident bon vivant -- as Trent Dawson explains in this interview with "Soap Opera Weekly."
Monday, January 05, 2009


Tatiana Navka missed the taping of a New Year’s show.

Translation of an article printed in the Russian language publication on December 27, 2008.

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka was late for the taping of the final holiday show of “The Ice Period” and her number was dropped from the program. It caused a huge scandal between Ilja Averbuch – the producer of the show and Ms. Navka.

During the regular shows Ms. Navka was allowed such freedom that no other participant could dream about. She was always a privileged person, complained her colleagues at the show. As a favorite of the show she was always fighting with the wardrobe and makeup artists.

Ilja Averbuch always forgave her escapades since she was the highlight of the show, who was loved by the spectators, but when she was late for the taping of the New Year’s holiday show, he did not tolerate it any more. Ilja was doing his best to have her at the taping on time; he called her repeatedly and pleaded with her to arrive on time. But Ms. Navka ignored him and their conversations gradually devolved to fighting and yelling.

By the end of the taping session she finally arrived at the studio. Ilja informed her that it was too late and the jury could not wait any longer; her number was dropped from the program. Ms. Navka asked the members of the jury to stay a little longer, but they could not stay any longer. The Olympic champion left the studio without taping her number for the Holiday Show.

Now the first channel of Russian TV is trying to figure out how to resolve the conflict between Ilja Averbuch and Tatiana Navka, since according to the polls of spectators, she was a leader of the show. Navka’s partner – Gediminas Taranda -- said that they prepared a beautiful number but could not tape it for the New Year’s show due to Navka’s absence.

This year the show is different from all of the other years. The director of the show had all of the participants to change their partners for the New Year’s concert and all the numbers were performed as comedy. In this show Maxim Stavijsky would skate with Jana Friske and Irina Slutskaya would skate with Vadim Kolganov who usually skated with Navka.
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