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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Sasha Cohen is considering a return to amateur sports

Translation of an article printed in the Russian Language publication on March 24, 2009.

The silver medalist of the 2006 Olympics, American skater Sasha cohen considers a return to amateur sports.

In three years since the games in Turin, the skater did not participate in the official competitions, but participated in a variety of ice shows. She is going to make a final decision in June of this year at the end of an exhibition tour. She said that she remembered the smell of the rink, the adrenalin rush that she experiences in the competitions. She never experienced anything like those feeling off ice.

Sasha also commented that she realizes how much hard work will be waiting for her if she decides to come back ,and if she comes back she stated that she must be better than she was ever before.

She did not mention where and with whom she would be training in case she returns. She wanted to be sure that she would not feel sorry for herself if she would not make an attempt to return. She stated that the worst thing in life is to feel nothing – just to walk through life as a robot. That is what scares her most.

At the Turin Olympics, Sasha was leading after the short program and when she fell down during the free program, she was bypassed by Shizuka Arakava. Both skaters were prepared for the Olympics by the Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova.

It is also known that Evgeny Pluschenko – another winner of the Turin Olympics, who also did not participate in any competitions in the last three years, is getting ready to return to sports and to participate at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.
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