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Monday, October 02, 2006


The Times of Oman reports that:

Aadnya Borkar, a popular young ice skater (figure skater) and a third year Bachelor of Business Administration student of Waljat College of Applied Sciences at Knowledge Oasis in Rusayl Oman, is set to represent India at the ‘Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating, 2006 to 2007’ to be held at the ‘Taipei Arena’, Taipei City, Taiwan from October 12-14.... Aadnya has been selected by the Ice Skating Association of India, New Delhi, to represent India... based on the result of the fourth National Ice-skating Championship 2006 held in Kolkata, India, in June this year, where she won the top slot in the ‘senior girls (women)’ category for four consecutive times.

Though India is hardly known as a hot bed of winter sports in general, figure skating in particular, they seem to be working on changing that.

Skate Today brings us the story of Bulgarian champion Hristina Vassileva, who recently went to New Delhi to perform in a series of ice shows:

"It was so much fun. We were in Old Delhi. The ice rink was in a park with amusements, roller coasters and a water park. The rink was a little bit smaller than real sizes. There were seats for 500 people and during all the shows it was almost full. We did two to four shows every day. There were four of us skaters and then some circus artists from Uzbekistan did a show after we finished skating on a carpet over the ice. We spent all day at the ice rink, thank God, because outside the ice rink it was so, so hot. Do you know that where we were, most of the people don't know what is snow, what it feels like touching it, what it looks like?"

It was only twenty-five years ago or so that the same lack of figure skating awareness could have been used to describe the state of the sport in China. (For director Doug Wilson's memories of taping the first ever skating special there, click here).

Yet, look at them now!

At this rate, I'm thinking... India for Gold in 2030?


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