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Thursday, September 07, 2006


As word of US and World Champion Michelle Kwan taking the season off to attend school dominates Google News, we here at take a look at the academic careers of some of her fellow skaters.

There is, of course, the Harvard crew:

Three Olympic victors— Dick Button ‘52, Tenley Albright ‘55 and Hayes Alan Jenkins Law ‘59. Fourteen U.S. champions. Five members of the World Hall of Fame and 14 members of the U.S. version, most recently Hugh Graham ‘55. And seven presidents of U.S. Figure Skating, including the original (A. Winsor Weld ‘30) and the incumbent (Chuck Foster ‘57). In fact, there might not have been competitive figure skating in America had it not been for George Browne GSA ‘42, founder of Browne & Nichols School and holder of a Harvard master’s, who introduced the ‘international style’ in 1908.

Debi Thomas went to Stanford.

Sarah Hughes is currently at Yale.

And even MIT, not a bastion of sports by any means (my husband is an alum; they're bright fellows, but not exactly the athletic type) could boast an Olympic ice dancing duo!


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