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Friday, August 04, 2006


With my fourth skating mystery, "Death Drop," scheduled for release in October 2006, that can only mean one thing -- time to start working on the fifth! (Publishing is a veeeerrry slow business, and manuscripts have to be turned in way in advance of the actual publication date which, at this point, will probably be October of 2007).

This time around, I'm thinking of doing something different. Instead of just one narrator, Bex, I'd like to branch out and have several people telling their stories. I'm playing around with bringing back characters from previous books, like Toni Wright, Lucian Pryce, Francis and Diana Howarth and everyone's favorite boss from hell, Gil Cahill. (I'm not kidding, I get more positive comments about Gil than I do about any other character. Folks, he's supposed to be a bad boss. But, I guess, he's fun to read about. Though, trust me, you would not want to work there).

And because I'm planning a broader canvas this book around, I'd like to ask my readers if there's any particular favorite skating scandal you've got that you'd like me to address. I've already tackled Rent-a-Russian partners, judging improprieties, skater abuse by coaches -- and partners, obsessive parents, country hopping...

Where should I (and Bex) stick my nose in next? (Remember, all names will be changed to protect the... er... innocent).

Let me know!


  • At August 06, 2006 2:53 PM, Anonymous said…

    Can yo udo something with mens singles? I love mens singles more than any other kind of skating and you've tackled ladies and pairs so far, so can you do mens? please?

  • At August 25, 2006 8:41 AM, AxelQueen said…

    First of all, I think that all of your books are amazing. They are fun to read and i use some the info in them and apply to my own skating. Second of all, I think it would really cool if someone had left Bex a mysterious note that said something threatening to get Bex off the case. i also think it would be cool if you did somthing that involves sabotage to a skater's skates or something like that. I also think that you should something happen in the States neghbouring country, Canada. It would be interesting to see nieghbours against each other in a compitition. thanks a lot. Your an amazing writer and i can't wait for
    "Death Drop"


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