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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Two days ago, while flipping channels, I stumbled upon a rerun of The Tai Babilonia Story.

It is not a particularly good movie, if only because Tai's best friend is practicing to go to Olympics by completing a single Salchow, and John Nicks' idea of constructive instruction is to scream "Bloody up!" every time she falls down.

Also, the practice outfits Tai and Randy wear are yes, even more hideous than what we see on ice-dancers today. Men really shouldn't wear little pink bows. Really. (Nor should they wear little red bows like Sergei Grinkov did in exhibition the first year he and Katya were World Champions, but, in that particular case, no one was looking at him, anyway).

But the real point of this post is to observe that The Tai Babilonia Story was being rerun on an obscure cable channel -- could have been Lifetime, though no one was being stalked, could have been WE, though no one was being set up on a blind date, could have been Oxygen, though no one was talking to Oprah -- but it was an obscure channel in the middle of a weekday.

And yet, immediately afterwards I noted a serious spike in web traffic coming to searching for "Tai Babilonia." I have to assume there was a connection.

I love television.

And for those wondering where, in fact, she is now: here is an interview I did with Tai last year.


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