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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Because it's the off-season and because I can...

Igor Pashkevich hasn't been heard from much since over a year ago, when he was part of the tragic accident that killed Angela Nikodinov's mother at the 2005 Nationals.

He is no longer listed as a coach at the Ice Castle Training Center.

So I am not sure Where He Is Now.

But here is Where He Was Then (1998):

Cromwell, CT - 1996 European Silver Medalist Igor Pashkevitch has re-located to the United States, and turned professional.

Explained Pashkevitch, "I'd skated long enough as an amateur. I competed at the European Championships, the World Championships, two Olympics, and the Grand Prix Final. I feel I'm ready to become a professional."

The Moscow-born Pashkevitch represented the USSR when he won the 1990 Junior World Championship (ahead of teammate and 1994 Olympic Champion Alexei Urmanov), and skated under the flag of Russia at the 1994 Olympics.

Then, in 1996, Pashkevitch, unhappy with his placing at several Russian Nationals, changed ethnicity to the newly independent nation of Azerbaijan, which had promised instant citizenship to any skater agreeing to represent them. He placed 8th at the 1997 Worlds, and 16th at the 1998 Olympic Games.

Pashkevitch conceded that politics may have played a part in his slipped ranking, since, unlike Russia, Azerbaijan did not have much of a history in skating. He said, "If I'd represented Russia, it's very possible that my results would have been different."

Currently, Pashkevitch is helping U.S. skaters of all levels achieve their best results. He is the newest coach at Champions Center in Connecticut. He raved, "They are building a second rink to open in September. They really want to develop their program. I have relocated full-time, and my coach (Marina Kudryatseva) came for the summer session. In the fall, she will relocate here, too."

In addition to coaching, Pashkevitch plans to compete as a pro. He hopes to skate at the U.S. Open and Legends in the fall.

Explained Pashkevitch, "The rules of competition (in eligible and professional) are different. That's what makes it interesting. The accent (in professional skating) is more on artistry, and on creative ideas. I plan to change my skating for the pro ranks. I've even already learned many new elements, like the back-flip!"


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