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Monday, February 28, 2005


To say that Rocky Marval has had a “rocky” career is to make too painful of a pun. However, the Champion Pair skater did break up and make up several times with partner Calla Urbanski, in the process of winning the 1992 and 1993 Nationals.

Previously, Rocky skated with Mario Lake, and even tried one season with Natasha Kuchiki (1994), before re-teaming with Calla for a professional career. The once famously-dubbed “Waitress and the Truck Driver” earned their highest placing, a silver medal, at the 1995 Challenge of Champions.

On October 8, 1996, Rocky wed Canadian World Champion Pair skater Isabelle Brassuer. They welcomed a daughter, Gabriella in November 2000.

In addition to coaching (recently split US Pair Tiffany Scott & Phillip Dulebohn), Rocky currently works as a manager for other skaters. In January of 2005, he attended Figure Skating in Harlem’s benefit at Wollman Rink, not to perform but for “support and to make sure things go well. You want (your clients) to contribute to the sport, especially to a great organization like Figure Skating in Harlem, so that other children can benefit from it.”

Marval assured that he doesn’t miss being in the spotlight “one bit,” and explained that a manager’s job is to “manage (my clients’) careers. Book them into shows, publicity, events like this, everything from making sure their skates make it on the airplane to making sure their costumes fit properly.”

For such hands on work, Rocky travels along with his clients, even when they are out for a long stint, like the “Champions on Ice” Tour.

“I go in and out,” he clarified. “The family understands (my schedule) because we’ve both done it. My wife actually toured with our child for a ninety-city tour. The family is used to it, but as a manager you don’t need to be there every day.”

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