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Friday, January 21, 2005


Tatiana Tarasova has been thrown out from the capitol's skating rink "Central"

An Exclusive interview by a correspondent of the Russian language publication, SovSport, Ms. Darya Srebnitsky (DS) published on January 21, 2005.

Coach Tatyana Tarasova and her students, the bronze prize-winners of the championship of Russia, ice-dancers Svetlana Kulikova and Vitaly Novikov, have been thrown out from the municipal capital's skating rink "Central" located in the Taganka region of Moscow. It happened last Wednesday when Ms. Tarasova and her couple arrived for the next practice session.

TT- After the championship of Russia, which took place at the beginning of January in Saint Petersburg, I decided not to come back to the US with my students, and to lead the closing stages of preparation for the championship of Europe in Moscow. Andrey Grjazev, one of her students, (the silver prize-winner of the championship of Russia in man's single skating. - DS) has had an opportunity to practice in "CSCA" (Central Sports Club of the Army - GS). The other students, Kulikova and Novikov, were invited to practice at the "Central" by Ilya Averbuh who works there as a coach. Ilya advised them that their practice would be free of charge as they would be considered members of his group.

For a week, I was torn between my students. Up to four times a day I went from "Central" to "CSCA” and back. But the main thing was that the practice sessions went on without problems.

On Wednesday, Kulikova and Novikov had one practice session with me instead of the usual two, because in the evening I was invited to a friend of mine, Doctor Leonid Roshal. We were going to celebrate his receiving of an award, “The Person of Europe.” . We came to "Central". Suddenly, security guards at the entrance asked us to " Show the pass!” But we did not have passes....

Than we were approached by the chief manager of the rink - Mr. Alexander Tretjak, who started to find out on what conditions we were practicing and who paid for us. Also, he added that supposedly the Russian Figure Skating Federation should pay for our practice. I explained that as long as we did not arrange this payment with the president of the Federation, Mr. Valentin Piseev, I would pay for the session, which was approximately 150 - 200 dollars per hour. But we were denied the practice all the same. Moreover, having conferred with the director of a skating rink, former hockey player Alexander Kozhevnikovym, we were rudely told, "Get out of here!" Mr. Averbuh, who arrived at the skating rink later, only made a helpless gesture. I could see how ashamed he was that we were dealt with in a such a way. But what could he do? He is a subordinate there…. We could not understand what had happened. I will find out! If it would be necessary, I will go up to Luzhkov (The mayor of Moscow- GS).

My personal opinion: an action against me has been purposefully arranged, although I do not know why. And it happened not for the first time (several years ago Tarasova was asked to leave the Moscow skating rink "Silver" because her students were taking away ice from the hockey players and subscription groups. - DS).

As it became known to this correspondent from her own sources, in this case all the brouhaha arose because of an unplanned visit by a TV crew to the practice of Ms. Tarasova. They were apparently called by Novikov. However all shooting at the rink is required to be arranged in advance with the management of the skating rink, and Kozhevnikov with Tretjak dug their heels in. Probably, it was possible to handle the situation in a more tactful way with the woman, especially such a popular coach and mentor who brought up a galaxy of glorified champions and who brought the country seven gold Olympic medals.

Meanwhile, Kulikova with Novikov have continued their practice at the stadium of Young Pioneers where the national federation has given them ice. Svetlana and Vitaly will practice there up to the time before their departure for Turin on January, 22.

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