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Monday, January 03, 2005



Interview with Anna Semenovich (AS) by a correspondent of the Russian Language newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, Ms. Uljana Kalashnikova (UK), printed on Sunday, January 2, 2005


"Behind a bust they do not see the person "

At first, the name Anna Semenovich conquered the hearts of big sports fans, and now of all of men, regardless of sports preferences. Initially, her partners were exclusively men, but now the young woman spends the majority of her life among ladies. For that there is a simple reason: The 24-year old with auburn hair and a gorgeous figure that knocks down her admirers on the spot, is singing in a group, "The Shining".

Who could think that just four years back, Anna was among the leaders of Russian figure skating. Now her life consists of an uncountable quantity of concerts, presentations, shootings of videos... The last one was seen on the air a month before New Year's, and has caused many discussions: why do all the members of the "The Shining" have a hat on their heads, while Ms. Semenovich has a bow?

We too were puzzled with this question, but not only with it...

UK: Anna, I have heard that your fans write messages to you on the windshield of your car. Does it bother you?

AS- In general they write mostly good things, such as "you are the most beautiful and charming.” And it is certainly pleasant. To tell you the truth, when such words are written on the dusty glass of the car, it is one thing, but when someone scratches them on the paint of my black Toyota Jeep, it is somewhat different. I go constantly to body-shops for painting.

UK- As far as I know, that is not the worst. In fact, you had to change some apartments because of this excessive attention?

AS- Yes, I have already changed a third apartment.

UK- A third? It looks as if your life will consist of continuous sales and purchases!

AS - No, I rent apartments. I do not earn so much yet as to buy one. Although, certainly, it would be nice to have my own place, to live in my own home. My parents have an apartment, but I cannot bother them with my erratic schedule.

UK- What is your favorite corner in the house where you can relax?

AS- It is in the bathroom. It is there that I am getting ready for work when I get up in the morning. There I have my breakfast. While I make up my face, I drink a cup of coffee. If there were time, I would get in the water two/three times a day! My sign is the Fish! And one more favorite place in the house is my bedroom. I always pay attention to it when I choose an apartment. The bedroom should be dark. It is said that the hormones necessary for a good night’s sleep are developed when windows are darkened. So the windows of my bedroom are always curtained.

UK- You had success in figure skating. What forced you to quit the big sport?

AS- Actually, there is a lot to tell in this area. For example, the judging is prejudiced in figure skating. It is not a secret for anyone, we saw it even in last Winter Olympic Games. Somehow to get up in the ranks one needs connections. I did not have those. Therefore, although our pair was second in the Russian rankings after Ilya Averbuh and Irina Lobacheva, we were seldom in first place. For example, it was very insulting, when I skated in international competitions with Denis Samokhin, and the other contenders skated with serious mistakes. They even fell down. But in the end, we were only in second place, and they in the first. I was tired of such unfair refereeing. Besides, the big role in my decision to quit was certainly my trauma. I had a meniscus operation.

UK- And how did you join “The Shining" group?

AS- After returning from the USA where I lived for three years, practicing sports, I become a sports channel commentator. Then "Danja,” Mr. Daniel Mishin, my former boyfriend with whom I lived for three years at that time, he convinced me to take up singing. We created a group, "Charlie's Angels,” but for the lack of finances, the project had to be cancelled. And then I became Anchorwoman at the Sports TV Station . The producer invited me for the casting in the (musical) group. I came. I already had some choreographic and vocal preparation. In two weeks, I received a call and was told that it was necessary for me to come immediately to the studio for recording because in two days we were to leave for the tour.

UK- And where do you earn more - in sports or on the stage?

AS- All depends on what level you are at. If you would compare Alla Pugacheva (Russian Singing Superstar) and (World Champion) Maria Butyrskaya, than Pugacheva makes more. Though both are stars. I made more in sports. Figure skaters earn big salaries, and I made huge money for my the age.

UK- You are a girl who is not afraid to make money. How do you relate to the wisdom, that "with a beloved, paradise is even in a tent?”

AS- The concept of a "tent" is different for everyone. If your girlfriend wears broken shoes and takes a bus, it is not quite normal. I think that if there is a head on one's shoulders, it is possible to find a job in Moscow. I always worked on something. After I left the sport, I sat at home for two months and then understood, that I could not do it any more - so I went on TV.

UK - There is a gossip that you are involved with some businessman...

AS - All this is just gossip. My heart is not occupied with anyone in particular now. I am still waiting .

UK- And what kind of man could win you over?

AS - First, to not be a boor. I cannot stand rudeness and insincerity. Second, to be patient and not try to suppress me. He would have to understand that I am a strong woman. He should not be afraid to approach me and to get acquainted. And of course to love me.

UK- Do you notice, that when men look at you, they look not in your eyes, but at the advantages of your figure?

AS- Yes, it happens. And it irritates me very much that they stare at my bust instead of talking to me as person, first of all.

UK - Do they frequently overdo it?

AS- It happens! I remember, on our debut, I was singing with the girls at someone's birthday. And it turned out that one of the tipsy rich businessmen decided to kidnap me. He seized me and dragged me away directly from the stage. The girls were singing and glancing at me and were shrugging their shoulders, while he dragged me. The people around me thought that it was a part of the act. Fortunately, security caught the expression on my face. They had to tear him off me literally by the hands and legs. I was in a shock. Then the girls told me: "Yes, such things happen. Not frequently, but they happen. Please Anna, do not leave the group!!! "

UK- Anna, let me on the secret : how did you get such a figure?

AS - From my mom. In our family everyone is so beautiful. When we taped the first video of "Charlie's Angels,” I could hear insulting words that supposedly I had pumped up my breast and my lips. Actually, my breasts are from my mom. The female line of our family all has beautiful breasts. I am half Ukrainian and Ukraine is known for it's beautiful women.

UK- Do you keep a diet?

AS- Earlier I adhered to Volkov's diet. But then I could not observe this schedule: to eat during certain times and certain products. Without a diet, as I found out, it was quite good for me too. The main thing is not to eat too much fat and fried food.

UK- Are sports present at your life?

AS - Mountain skiing in the winter. I like to skate for nostalgia reasons and as not to forget professional skills. Who knows how my destiny will turn up? May be I well get on the ice again...

UK- Do you have problems with the selection of clothes? In fact the current standard of boutiques is high and flat.

AS- Yes, it is a real problem for me. Especially the choice of lingerie. Therefore, I try to buy abroad. In our shops I am already known by sight: "Hello Annechka, what do you want?…. I want a complete set of red lingerie with a small bottom and a large top…. Sorry Anna, but we do not have such things." It is necessary to improvise. I ask to save for me some stuff from the new deliveries. Therefore there are boutiques, that call me at once, as soon as they receive a new collection.

UK- And successes in figure skating were not prevented by your magnificent forms?

AS- No, it was my advantage over the others. In fact, it is beautiful when a girl has forms. I would put on a tight dress and would go on ice.

UK- Are there disagreements with colleagues - "The Shining"? There are four of you…

AS- If it happens, it is only on trifles. One wants to put on a black dress, and I want red. Or vice versa. But at the end we all come to the same general opinion. For example, on the shooting of a New Year's video, where we were transformed from pretty girls into witches, as far as all could notice, the girls were in hats, and I was with a bow. At first it was simply decided that everyone would be in hats, I did not like the way that I looked in the hat and therefore I was unique - with a bow.

UK- Before New Year it is fashionable to speak about superstitions. Do you adhere to any special traditions?

AS- Yes, I do. And my superstitions do not depend on a season. For example, I would enter the skating rink always only from the left foot! In the world championship in Nice in 2000, I entered the rink from the right foot and fell in the original program! Ten seconds before the end - on such an element on which I never in my life fell before. And I always put my shoes on from the right foot. There are other signs, but they are very personal. For example, I have a talisman. But I shall not talk about it as to not to jinx my luck

UK- Your Year of the Monkey already comes to an end. Was there anything good in it?

AS- It was a very good year for me. I became more popular than one year ago. I acted in a movie. My brother has been admitted to the university. I flew to Malta which I have dreamed of visiting for all of my life. And in general there were many happy moments.

UK- Tell me, do you have any material dreams?

AS- Sometimes I dream to have a house with a big garden and a pool. And a big sentry dog for protection.

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Translated by Genrikh Sivorinovsky, Ph.D.
Ignel Associates.
Translation and web content service at real time.


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