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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Three-time Men’s World Figure Skating Champion Elvis Stojko is eager to add another World title to his collection.

Visiting New York City to participate in Figure Skating in Harlem’s benefit, “Skating With the Stars, Under the Stars,” the two-time Olympic Silver Medallist revealed his plans for the future.

“I’m doing lots of martial arts. My kung-fu teacher just opened up a club in Toronto. I’m a senior instructor there. I’m also back competing in the martial arts, as well. I have a good chance of getting on the World Team this year to compete for Canada in the World Martial Arts Championship in Niagara Falls this November.”

Canada’s seven-time National champion in figure skating plans to accomplish this latest goal while simultaneously touring with “Champions on Ice.”

“Because I don’t need to carry a piece of ice around with me (for this), I can train anywhere I want. That makes it a little bit easier. Because I’ve been at such a high level in skating, it’s not hard for me to compete at the lower (martial arts) levels leading up to the World Team. It’s not as intense. It’s a lot different. You don’t have the media. It’s not as hyped as figure-skating. I’ve had the experience, so I can handle the pressure,” he assures.

COMING UP NEXT: Olympic Champion Viktor Petrenko

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