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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Five-time (1981-1985) US Champion and three-time (1983-1985) World Bronze Medallist in Ice Dance Judy Blumberg explains that “the title I consider most definitive is the one that states Michael (Seibert) and I are still considered the most innovative and exciting dance team that America has ever produced. I feel especially honored to know that our work is still revered and respected throughout the skating world.”

“Michael and I retired from eligible skating after the 1985 season,” she recalls. “We completed the ISU World Tour, then made the difficult decision to move ahead to the professional ranks. It was difficult in that it was a decision we had been pondering since the 1984 Olympics, after our bitter disappointment of missing out of a medal. I actually think that I could have stayed in until 1988, but I knew that Michael was really finished with the entire scene. He was very innovative in the work and I think that the limitations in the competitive world were rather stifling to his creativity. In the professional ranks, he would be able to fully realize his artistic potential. When I look back at the work that Michael and I produced as professionals, I sincerely appreciate the diversity, the uniqueness and the innovative themes that we chose. We were forever looking for music that set us apart from the rest, as well as making costuming choices and developing moves that were different and risky, to say the least. What I am most proud of when I look at our body of work is that we were able to adapt to different styles with fluidity and grace. We also had the opportunity to create with so many incredible collaborators from the world of skating and dance.”

Their professional career “ended prematurely because Michael was ready to move forward in his choreographic pursuits, and no longer wished to put his energy into the training that was required to continue performing. It was most definitely the right decision for Michael, but was a devastating one for me. I had never imaged that the one thing that I loved doing and was so passionate about, would end so soon. The one thing that I regret is that I never got the opportunity to celebrate and embrace my final performance as an artist, with the one person I had grown to know, to love, and to share 14 of the most profound years of my career. It would have been the best way to have thanked him for joining me on the journey. It was far from boring!”

Following the end of her partnership with Michael, Judy paired up with Jim Yorke, and then with Douglas Webster. Currently, she is the ensemble director for The Ice Theatre of New York.

“I seem to be an experienced transition-maker,” Judy laughs. “I am still involved in the skating world as a coach, a technical specialist for dance in the new scoring system, and in my work with the USFSA, in their seminars, etc. More recently, I have enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, where I plan to pursue a certificate as a Holistic Nutrition Counselor. I plan to utilize this information for myself, my family and friends, and for my students. I still skate and feel that the quality of my movement is an especially valuable tool as far as my teaching is concerned. My skating background has been such an invaluable asset in regard to all of my life decisions. It has helped me to understand and work through the many problems that arise in life, weigh the pros and cons of a potential situation, and organize my work, play, etc. All of us are so lucky for having had such great learning experiences through skating. I am still learning, living, yes, still skating...... and loving it!”



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