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Thursday, November 04, 2004


1987 US Junior Champion Jeri Campbell doesn’t think that any one skating title can define “what skating meant to me as an amateur or a professional. I would say it was more about the learning experience of setting goals, working for those goals, and sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing. The experience for me was everything. I have never been about the medals or the glory, it was always the journey.”

Eager to continue the journey without worrying about medals, Jeri decided to turn pro at the age of 20. “I was ready to explore life outside the box, or I guess you could say, outside the confines of the amateur skating world. I had no idea what to expect from the professional skating world when I decided to do my first show, but I fell in love with it instantly. My first tour was with Dorothy Hamill’s “Cinderella Frozen in Time” tour, and I had the time of my life. I felt free to become whatever kind of entertainer I wanted to be, and Dorothy was a great example of how to be a true pro. She worked hard, she was kind to everyone, and she made us feel at home. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to begin my career with that show. I will always remember that show as a new beginning for me. I will say the professional world opens many doors for skaters to explore the world, and I took full advantage of the opportunity. I traveled all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean, and parts of Asia. I met all kinds of people from all over the globe, absorbed the different cultures from the cities we toured, and literally soaked it all in. It was a truly enriching life experience. I never had any expectations for my professional career, but what I walked away with was far more interesting than what I could have painted on canvas.”

“I have been off of the road for a few years now,” Jeri continues, “But I am still involved with skating on a teacher/choreography level. I have a ton of activities I like to do outside of skating that keep my brain and my body active not to mention my sanity. I am sure I will always have some tie with skating throughout my life, but I have a feeling it will continue to morph and change as my life does. If anyone remembers me still, I would just like to let them know that I am doing well and enjoying my life. It’s funny, my amateur skating days feel like someone else’s life: I have really moved on, and I am very happy to be where I am today.”

Coming Tuesday, November 9: US AND Canadian Competitor Patrick Brault!


  • At July 09, 2009 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I will always remember Jeri Campbell. I am happy that Jeri is doing well. I always have admired Jeri when she was an amateur skater. When Jeri became pro, I was fortunate to have her has a coach. Thank you Jeri for giving me a positive experience through my journey. I miss you.


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