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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Two-time Swiss champion Lucinda Ruh also holds the world record for most revolutions in a spin. And it is that title which she cherishes the most.

Lucinda explains, "The Guinness record, I think, is the most influential one for me, because it is something that can't be replaced year after year. It is specialized in something that not many people can do. It is also something that I have worked for since I was a little girl, and it really keeps up the Swiss tradition of great spinners."

Ruh turned professional in 2000. She recalls, "It actually took me a long time to decide if I should turn pro, because I love to compete and I felt the best was yet to come for me. I had not peaked yet. But political situations with my federation and also my serious injuries were holding me back from being the best I could be. Turning pro could really enhance my spinning specialty, and I could inspire and further my art of skating in a way that I could not have staying amateur."

Ruh describes her professional career as "one that every skater dreams of. I have been on "Champions on Ice," "Stars on Ice," all the top NBC shows where I skated with Olympic Champions. But I also missed competing a lot, and the regular training schedule. Skating has brought me pure joy, but also huge illness. I was and still am struggling with my fracture and with dislocated discs in my spine. Over the last four years I have been going through a lot of different illnesses and am still on the road to recovery. The year of not skating due to serious health concerns made me have to go through a spiritual journey that I am still going through. I have felt lost and confused once there was no skating. I had hate towards skating due to my injuries and health, but now that I am recovering, I have learned to forgive and I want to get back to my art on the ice. I feel different on the ice now that I have grown as a person. But first, I had to realize that I am someone without the skating. It has been hard, but I feel like God wants me to know who I am before I continue with my life. I have many dreams. I want to design, be a star in the entertainment business and get back on the ice. I think everyone has tough times and I am going through that now, but I have found a wonderful team to help me recover physically health-wise, so I will be back on the ice. I want to do something with skating that has not been done before."



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