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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Scott Williams knows exactly – down to the day – when he retired from eligible skating.

“July 4, 1988,” he states with authority. “There were many factors leading to my retirement from eligible skating. I had not qualified for the 1988 Olympic team, after three years on the podium at the U.S. Championships. At the time I retired from amateur (that's what we called it then) competition, remember, we made NO MONEY. And skating even at a high level was extremely difficult as one aged into their twenties. I had no idea at the time that a professional career would be so rewarding. I’ve had a great professional career, and performed thousands of times with over twenty-five different routines. Not many people get that opportunity.”

One of those performances earned Scott the 1990 World Professional Champion title.

He recalls, “That meant a lot to me as a skating title, because I think professionalism is the highest commendation we can receive as artists. It means you're not only technically proficient, but in addition to mastering the skills of skating, you transcend the actual movement itself, making the performance into a work of art. Whether you're the choreographer or doing someone else's work, bringing it to life requires more than just going through the motions. This was my greatest pleasure as a skater and performer, and I'll always appreciate the opportunity to receive such an award for it.”

Williams went on to produce the American Open competition for pro skaters, taking it from an arena show to a televised event

”My skating background contributes to all aspects of my life,” reflects Williams, “As it was very involved. However, I don't now, and never did, identify myself as an ice skater. It's something I love to do, but not something intrinsic to me. All my experiences contribute to my perspective of the world, both philosophically and in my work life and habits. The attention (I receive) from others is a gift, the value of which I now truly appreciate.”

Coming Thursday, October 28: World Team Member and "Cutting Edge" body-double Sharon Carz!



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