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Monday, November 06, 2006


Two-time Olympian David Santee retired from eligible skating following the 1982 World Championships at the age of 24, where he placed 8th after coming in 2nd the year before.

He says, "I had competed in seven Worlds and two Olympics and I had enough. My favorite skating memory would be San Diego Nationals in 1981, finishing my program and seeing the audience already on their feet."” (Santee finished 2nd behind Scott Hamilton)

Afterwards, he skated with The John Curry Skating Company for three years and competed on the Pro Skate Circuit.

"I enjoyed both but learned quite a bit about skating and myself in The John Curry Company. The opportunity to work with John Curry was great. I decided after doing that for three years, that I wanted to come home and develop a competitive skating program in my home town of Park Ridge, Il. I am currently a coach in the Chicago area. I am the Instructor's Rep on the Board of Directors of the ISI. I am also an ISU certified Technical Specialist. My two sons are both away. My older boy, Chris, is a sophomore at Illinois Wesleyan University, and my younger son, Mike, is playing Junior Hockey with the Grand Rapids Junior Owls of the Central States Hockey League. My favorite professional moment would be going back to Lake Placid for the 25th anniversary of the 1980 Olympics and bringing my younger son along. (As a) hockey player, for him to experience what I went through, and meet members of the Miracle on Ice team was a lifetime memory."

Looking back on his career, Santee muses, "I experienced all of the ups and downs of being a competitive skater. I wouldn't change anything. I was lucky to have a loyal following of fans, and to them I say thank you."


  • At June 26, 2008 7:53 PM, Anonymous Peggy White said…

    David Santee has always been one of my very favorite figure skaters. What I remember most is having this absolutely wild crush on him! He was a no nonsense skater and possessed a presence on the ice that few could compare with.

    Peggy White -


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