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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Three-time (1978-1980) US Silver Medalist Lisa-Marie Allen reveals in 2006, "I prefer to be introduced as an Olympian. It is the one privilege that is always honorable and something that I am proud to always be. Back in my competitive days, if you didn't get the Gold you were pretty much ignored. This has changed in the last 20 years due to the commercial success of the Olympic Games and what visibility they have brought to us in many ways.

"I retired from amateur skating in 1981. I made an effort to win the Ladies title that year but had an injury the week of competition and finished third. Not the best year of my life, indeed! I really had no preconceived notion as to a career in skating. I joined The Ice Capades, traveling with them for three years. Followed that up with marriage and the birth of my daughter. Went back to skating and teaching and finally stopped performing in 1998, with the exception of the Salt Lake Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, where I was also one of the choreographers. Which segues to currently being associate choreographer on the feature film Blades of Glory starring Will Farrell. It's been a great career and truly a blast to see what comes next."

Lisa shares, "There are so many memories (of skating). I would have to say that the times when you are traveling with your teammates and really become great friends in the process. I still maintain these friendships as though they are my college buddies. Meeting the President of the United States was surely a highlight, along with being flown to DC on Air Force One. My favorite professional memory, hmmmm, that's a lot of years! I really enjoyed the trips to Jaca for the World Pro Competition. On my third trip, the Mayor of Jaca said "Welcome home, Lisa-Marie." It was very special because I won that year!

"I have been blessed in many ways. I have a wonderful family and we split our time between Los Angeles, California and Sun Valley, Idaho. My husband is very supportive in any challenge that I take on. My daughter is currently an Honors student at Boston College and loving it. My two golden retrievers keep me honest with exercise. I still love to skate and do when I can. I had to retire the Double Axel a few years ago, but did manage to get my senior moves in the field test two years ago. I may have never won the US title, but I have surely won in life."

As for the folks who were wondering where Lisa-Marie Allen is now, she concludes, "I suppose my only message would be "thank you" for enjoying what I was able to bring to skating. I was a little cowgirl that had dreams of spending her life on the back of a horse. Little did I know how God had his own plan for me. Thank you!!!!"


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