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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


With all due respect to Elton John (if my reference is too obscure click here for an explanation)...

There is a new Nikita in the world, and he's got a lot of cold in his future...

On June 27, 2006, World Champion Chen Lu and husband Denis Petrov, an Olympic Silver Medalist in Pairs, became the parents of a son, Nikita.

I first met Denis in 1992, when I was working as a Russian translator for the World Championships in Oakland. My dominant memory of him is that Denis had no qualms about changing his clothes in public places, no matter how many people were around.

As for Lulu, I worked with her in a couple of venues, ranging from the 1996 Worlds in Edmonton to "Skaters Tribute to Broadway" in Philadelphia.

At the 1997 Worlds in Switzerland where, based on the past years results, Lulu was expected to challenge the defending champion, Michelle Kwan, for gold (she ended up placing 25th and not even making it to the final round), a big topic of discussion in the ABC production meeting was whether to introduce her as "Chen Lu," in the proper Chinese way, or to call her "Lu Chen," since Chen was her family name and Lu her given one.

After about five minutes of back and forth, a consensus was reached: We would call her Chen Lu out of respect for her culture.

At that point, the feature producer piped up, "But all the pre-built graphics already say Lu Chen."

"Lu Chen, it is," everyone quickly agreed...


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