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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist Timothy Goebel has announced his retirement from eligible skating.

The writing was on the wall when he didn't make the 2006 Olympic team, but I believe his legacy as the Quad King is one he can and should be rightly proud of. He, and not Michael Weiss, will always be the first American man to land a Quad in competition. (Vern Taylor of Canada, who landed the first triple Axel in 1978 never won a World title, but is still better remembered then the guy who did that year, America's Charlie Tickener).

While I appreciated his technical mastery, I was never a big fan of Tim's overall skating. The hunched shoulders, the shuffling from place to place just never did it for me. Especially in light of the following story.

The first Nationals I ever attended was in Detroit 1994. My brother was competing in Novice Dance. The kid who won Novice Men that year was a curly headed blond boy named Timothy Goebel. I watched him skate in the exhibition. And I was blown away by his... stroking.

His stroking, in 1994, was to die-for. So good you didn't even noticed that he fell at least once that I can recall on a jump. I went home and gushed about this kid as the next Toller Cranston.

Still not sure what happened.

Still disappointed that it did.


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