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Monday, April 03, 2006


Established the year Brian Boitano won his first World Championship, Stars on Ice is the brainchild of Scott Hamilton, a tour restricted to professional skaters, featuring individual routines as well as group numbers. Originally called Scott Hamilton's America Tour, it played in only five New England towns its first season, and starred Hamilton, Toller Cranston, Rosalynn Sumners and Blumberg & Seibert, along with several, lesser-known names.

A determining signature of Stars on Ice is its group numbers, where skaters are mixed and matched up in combinations the audience might not necessarily expect. Meg Streeter, who directed the show for television from 1992 to 1997 explained, "They take the general premise that you've got a lot of individual, great skaters and then (show choreographer) Sandra Bezic does these incredible, innovative group numbers for threesomes or foursomes, whatever feels right at the time, that are also sprinkled throughout the show to give you a sense of family, to create a sense of bonding among the skaters. Kristi (Yamaguchi) and Katarina (Witt) once skated a lovely duet. There was the number where the four women came out, and each one sat on a chair while the other did a solo. What was lovely about that number is Katya (Gordeeva) used to say, 'I love watching Roz (Sumners) skate.' Four women were out there on the ice, having a good time, and connecting with each other. Those are some of the things that make Stars on Ice special."

Former Candid Production VP Jirina Ribbens credits the ongoing success of Stars on Ice to Hamilton, praising, "Scott is unequaled as a performer, he totally understands how to keep the audience in his hand. When he started Stars on Ice, that was his vehicle. He really used turning pro to his advantage. Scott was the first one to have it all."

Along with Stars on Ice, Scott made his stage acting debut in 1989 as the star of Broadway on Ice where, in addition to skating, he sang his way across the country in a specially written vehicle featuring versions of classic Broadway-show routines.

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