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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Am I the only one excited by the fact that the Pairs competition at the 2006 World Figure Skating Championship features not one, not two, but three gentlemen of the not-shiny-white (or Asian) variety? Currently, after the Short Program, Germany's Robin Solkowy is in 5th, America's Aaron Parchem is in 10th, and France's Yannik Bonheur in 14th.

Anyone else excited? Anyone? Beuller?


(For those wondering why the issue of mixed-race young men of achievement is so important to me, click here).


  • At March 22, 2006 4:49 PM, M said…

    I don't see what's wrong with being asian, white, or non-white. The skating is what matters. As for me,I'm of mixed race and never fit neatly into those little racial checkboxes,anyway, and I wish other people would get off the race thing and just see people as people.

    I know others of mixed race feel same.

  • At March 25, 2006 3:15 PM, Andi said…

    Of course it SHOULDN'T matter at all. BUT IT DOES and saying it shoudn't denies the reality of racism in our world. I remember emailing Alina a while ago asking if she knew what the response in Germany was to their "mixed-race" champions; Savchenko is of course native to Ukraine. Robin's father is from Tanzania. It can't be easy - it should be, but it can't be in the real world and I'm so impressed by their talent. I'd like it to vercome the realities but I'm way too cynical about how deep down people really react to race - in the US, in Germany, anywhere. I'm thrilled to see them all; I think it's good for the sport and certainly good for people to see. If you know skating, you know how relatively few minority folks have participated in the sport. That Robin and Aliona are getting attention is great - they bring a lot of new ideas and great talent to the sport. I so hope to see them on the podium and soon.


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