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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Last night, I had a little soiree. In attendance, were several former U.S. National competitors in Singles, Pairs, and Dance (one guy had actually qualified in all three). The reason for our gathering, was the second, televised episode of Skating With Celebrities (although, as my six year old son chastised, "A party to make fun of a TV show is not really a party, Mama.")

The following were our combined thoughts re: the evening's entertainment --

* Is Debbie Gibson channeling Laverne DeFazio with the incessant monogrammed "D" on all of her competitive and practice outfits?

* Was the theme of Nancy Kerrigan and Dave Coulier's routine "Musical Chairs: First You Sit, Then I Sit?"

* Is John Nicks doing this show just to get away from Sasha Cohen? Conversely, is Sasha Cohen scripting his remarks, as they all sound a bit canned?

* Which of the following people -- Jillian Barbieri, Dorothy Hamill, Todd Bridges -- were actually high, and which of them just always act like that naturally?

* Who is balder? Scott Hamilton, Lloyd Eisler or Kurt Browning? And why did Kurt refuse to remove his wig to help us settle the matter once and for all? (As an addendum, if the theme of the night was the 1970s, why did Kurt and Debbie perform a song from Grease, which was a movie about... the 1950s?)

* What did John Zimmerman do to judge Mark Lund in between last week's show and this one, that changed Mark's gushy love to scolding hate? (Many theories were proposed. Okay, I'm lying, there was really only one theory proposed, and quickly seconded by all.)

* What does a brother have to do to get some love from the skating establishment? It's not like Todd Bridges completely self-destructed, ala Rohene Ward in his Nationals Long Program. One little fall, people! And it wasn't on the required, technical element -- so why the serious score ding? (As my husband, the non-skater, said, "They brought him on as a joke. What's the point of doing the joke if you're not going to let it play out?")

Please feel free to add your own Inquiring Minds questions below!


  • At January 24, 2006 6:33 AM, Denise said…

    Personally I think John Nicks is trying to channel Dick Button. And quick question, did they mention Mark Lund's
    past affiliation with IFS at all last night? If they did, I missed it. Denise

  • At January 24, 2006 7:05 AM, Anonymous said…

    Hi, Denise --

    As I mentioned, I had a party to view the... uh... spectacle... so I didn't hear everything that was said. But, you're right, I actually didn't hear them introduce Mark in conjunction to IFS. Wouldn't that lead anyone who didn't know his credentials to scratch their head, going, "And YOU are...?"

    Great to hear from you!


  • At January 24, 2006 9:27 AM, Mary said…

    I thought Tod made a valiant effort to get back into the routine after his fall. I knew he'd likely be out this week, but he was fun while he lasted.

    Can I smack Dorothy Hamill? She is just too perky. I know she's supposed to be the encouraging one, but she's really going overboard on the enthusiasm.

    As for Nicks, his dig at Tai and Bruce not being in shape was a bit harsh. Yeah I know he said they weren't in as good shape as they were in the 70s, but I think he meant it as so much more.

    I wish Bruce would loosen up a little bit. He needs to relax.

    As for the choice of Grease, I think its because the movie came out in 1978. So it qualifies in that sense even if it was set earlier.

  • At January 31, 2006 11:10 AM, Anonymous said…

    I was just wondering if anyone else noticed Lloyd going for Kurt and ignoring everyone else at the end of the show last night?


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